Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Powder Coat?


There are several advantages to powder coating :


Powder coating is much more durable than typical liquid solution paints.

Powder coated surfaces are much more resistant to chipping, scratching, and other such wear due to the bond created with the object during curing.

The coating is also much more resistant to natural fade and wear.

The vibrant color of a powder coated part stays bright and fresh years compared to wet painted parts that fade away.

Powder batches are virtually identical. Liquid paints may vary noticeably in color from batch to batch.


What Options Are Available In Powder As To Color Or Appearance In The Finish?


There exists a huge range of colors, textures, and special effects offered in powder coating.

Color selection is virtually unlimited. High gloss-low gloss-smooth-textured-wrinkled-metallic-multi color speckled-veined and many other looks can be produced. Its best to have a general color in mind before visiting us.If the customer wants a color that we don't stock, we can special order the color at the customer's expense.


What Metal Can Be Powder Coated?


Most metal products can be powder coated, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, pot metal, copper and brass.


What Can’t Be Powder Coated?


Materials that would be damaged by a 400 degree temperature. Materials that are plastic, wood, rubber, bondo, lead, low-temperature alloys, solder, etc.

(It's hot get it?)


How Do I Prepare Parts For Coating?


We sandblast and inspect every part we receive. This removes any old finishes, dirt, rust, and anything else that might hinder the powder coating process.

It also etches the surface of the part for better adhesion of the powder. Things such as grease, rust, and dirt contaminate the powder which weakens the bond between the powder and the metal.


*We do not have the facilities to properly remove any grease or oils that may be on your part. For this reason we require your parts to be grease and oil free before you bring them to us.


*We do not offer part disassembly so please make sure your products come unassembled with all hardware removed.


Can You Leave Certain Areas Of The Parts Bare?


We can mask off areas that do not need to be powdered.  This keeps the powder from landing in that area. Often times, we place rubber caps over or inside threaded holes and extensions.This comes at no extra cost and can be done with ease.


*It’s very important that you mark or specify any areas of your parts that should not be powder coated. We recommend taking a picture of the areas to be taped off and make notes to discuss with us.


Does Powder Coating Cover Up Imperfections In An Object?


No. Coating over an imperfection will simply give the imperfection a nice color and finish but the flaw in the surface will mirror through the finished coating. Scratches in a surface, grind marks, weld splatter, chips, dimples, rough patches, and the like are imperfections that need addressed prior to the coating of a part if you do not want to see them in the finished product. It is strongly recommended that you remove any imperfections in the surface to be coated prior to the powder coating process. Applying the coating to a smooth, clean and dry surface is key to achieving a quality finish.


Do You Offer Jet Coating, Ceramic coating ?

Currently we do not.



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