Wheel & Rim Service

Looking to powdercoat rims on your car / Motorcycle / Dirt Bike / Quad?


American Powdercoat offers services to get those rims looking like new!



How does the process work?


-We need to first know the condition of your rims. If your rims have multiple coats of paint or powdercoat on them, there is a possability they might require some extra labor. We do not perform rim repair but can assist you with that need if required. 


-We need to know the color required for the project. Dual Stage colors (Multi -Coat) colors take more shop time and runs a bit more $$$


-We typically have a one week waiting list to schedule your project. You must come in to drop off your wheels to schedule your appointment.


-We sandblast everypart that comes in the shop to  ensure a clean surface for maximum adhesion of the powdercoat. This will damage bearing races and bearings.


- All Wheels must be delivered dismounted from the tires. Motorcycle wheels should have the bearings races / pulled and any bolted on components removed. Spoke wheels are not recommended to be powderocated assembled. You will never be able to replace a spoke or tighten it once coated. We can however powdercoat the rim / hubs / spokes seperately.

You are responsible to disaasemble and reassemble the wheels.


-Powdercoat is not magical-if your wheels have dents /scratches / imperfections you will see this underneath the powdercoat. Cast wheels that are not machine finish will show the casting marks.



-$125 per automotive and truck wheels in single stage house color. 

-$150 for trucks with beadlocks.

-$100 for motorcycle rims in single stage house color.

-Majority of our customers coat rims / wheels basic colors- Black-Silver-Etc. These are considered house stocked colors along with a few others.


-Dual stage/mutiple coat colors run 50-75% more based on the color specifications.

-Special order colors are welcomed but must be purchased in advance by the customer.


Other questions?


When in doubt pick up the phone and call us at (760)807-2257 or email us at sales@americanpowdercoat.net





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